Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 2008 NBA Finals…….the Biggest Conspiracy Not Being Told?

Enough with the nostalgia for a second? LA vs Boston. Russell vs. Wilt. Magic vs Bird. Bob Cousy, James Worthy, Cedric Maxwell, Elgin Baylor, Sam Jones, Jerry West, Kevin McHale. The renewal of basketballs greatest rivalry in this years NBA Finals is shady - yeah I said it. The effect that two former Celtics-Lakers players now employed (or formerly employed) by other teams have had on each teams rebirth and success needs to be repeated.

Boston Celtics – The original Kevin Garnett trade featured Minnesota receiving the #5 pick, Al Jefferson, and Theo Ratliff’s expiring contracts. After KG originally expressed his displeasure with going to Boston, the deal was ratified a few weeks later to only include Al Jefferson and expiring contracts (not the #5 pick which had been traded weeks earlier for Ray Allen). We all know this. Did Chicago not have the assets to offer a better deal? Rumors had it Golden State made an over-the-top offer for KG (Monta Ellis, Biedrins, and the #8 picked Brandon Wright). If Kevin McHale was not a former Celtics hero and Hall-of-Famer – does the Boston deal get done?

LA Lakers The Pau Gasol deal is one of the most lopsided, strangest trades in NBA history. Memphis received not one quality asset back in the deal, except Kwame Brown’s expiring contract. Not 1 young stud. Not 1 high-talent player. Nothing. Was the Memphis deal engineered by the great Jerry West? The same Jerry West who just one year ago was the top basketball executive with the Grizzlies. The same Jerry West who has Memphis ownerships valued respect. Was Jerry West’s over-the-top speech during the Western Conference Finals trophy presentation an admission of something? The 3-minute speech (yes I counted) is found below. Does it illustrate anything we need to think about? Remember, Kobe’s tirades during the summer included bashing Mitch Kupchak, and demanding Jerry West return to LA as a front-office executive.

I am not accusing anyone of collusion or cheating. But it needs to be noted how both teams unbelievable fortunes are undoubtedly tied to two former Hall-of-Fame players and local heroes.

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Dr. J-Water said...

Interesting theory. Although it may be true that the former Laker and Celtic greats sub-consciously were trying to tip the scales in favor of their former teams, I highly doubt the league or the NBA office had anything to do with such a conspiracy.

I like how you think outside the box though.

Good Post!

Dr. J-Water